“A story about seven very different people
who go looking for love, and end up getting
more than they bargained for.”

Fast Romance tells the story of seven very different people who attend a speed date and end up getting more than they bargained for. Some want to be there, some need to be there and some would rather be anywhere else but there.

After another disastrous first date, NADINE CATALANO’S sisters’ put plan B into action and book her in with a local speed dating service. Nadine quickly enlists the help of her two best friends, FIONA BENTON, who desperately lacks the confidence to enter the dating scene, and LORNA KERR, who is a month from being married. Across Glasgow, GORDON ‘GORDY’ BOYD, signs up for the speed date just because Nadine is going. Unfortunately his boss, KENNY CAIRNS, is railroaded by Gordy’s workmates into going along with him. ANDREW SPENCER, a police officer on a mission, has to go while ELLIOT HENDRY signs up hoping to get inspiration for his “great” romantic novel.

When the seven paths cross, sparks don’t fly the way Gordy hoped - but each and every one of their lives are changed forever.

Gordy watches on while his ideal girl, Nadine, has a blossoming relationship with Elliot. His boss, Kenny, tries desperately to attract the attentions of Fiona without actually revealing his true identity. Lorna learns to ‘live a little’ thanks to Spence but as the two begin to fall for each other, and her fiancé returns to the scene, trouble is on the horizon.

Fast Romance will take you on the rollercoaster journey with each of the characters. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll gasp but, most of all, you’ll be amazed at how a life can be changed in just three minutes.

William Ruane (Fast Romance)
William Ruane (Fast Romance)